Winter 2024 Assessment Brunch — Assessing Shared Passages

The Winter Assessment Workshop & Brunch is on Wednesday, February 14, 2024, during common time (10:55 – 11:55 am) in the Hicks’ Student Center Banquet Hall. 

Are you planning to attend? If so, please RSVP at this link today

The Institutional Assessment Committee is focusing on assessing student learning in the Shared Passages Program.  We imagine this will be a multi-year process that, once instituted, produces an ongoing campus-wide program to clarify our goals for that program and improve student learning in Shared Passages Seminars.   

We begin this year with assessment work on the First Year Seminar.   Our starting point is the current practice for new First Year Seminars.   

At this session the Assessment Committee will briefly outline our assessment plans for First Year Seminars.  We have learned that effective assessment begins with careful statement of student learning outcomes, and we plan for this event to be a hands-on opportunity for the attendees to formulate learning outcomes from their widely varied experiences and expertise.   We will provide materials from the current FYS guidelines grouped by the three required FYS components 

  1. Writing Competencies 
  1. Library Research Training (we will build on the work of the Teach Lunch last week!)   
  1. First Year Forum  (Dana Jansma will be here to share the work she’s done in drafting learning outcomes) 

This event is for you if you:   

  • Are involved with First Year Experience  
  • Present a First Year Forum 
  • Work with first year advisees 
  • Plan activities for first year students 
  • Teach a First Year Seminar 
  • Teach a First Year Friendly course 
  • Are involved with assessment in your department or unit 
  • Work with any students and are curious about what we skills we intend first year students to have improved  
  • Want to increase our shared understanding of the First Year Experience as a way to strengthen our community and inform your work with students 

Winter 2024 Assessment Brunch – Learning Outcomes

  1. Each participant will identify the three central components of the First Year Seminar
  2. Each participant will locate their own work at the college relative to the three central FYS components
  3. Participants will work together, drawing from their own expertise and experience, to develop clear student learning outcomes based on existing FYS documents.

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