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About Curricular Assessment

Assessment of curricular programs is a central part of the Institutional Assessment Committee (IAC). IAC works with academic departments to help them imagine goals, assessment methods, plans and workflows. Departments maintain up-to-date assessment planning documents and compile biennial reports of ongoing assessment activities. This activity begins with the clear statement of learning goals and outcomes. The four Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs) form the basis of this work, along with discipline-specific learning outcomes set by the departments and programs.

Institutional Learning Outcomes

In order to cultivate cross-institutional consistency and coherence, departments and units are encouraged to identify how their learning outcomes might align with and support the broader institutional learning outcomes. These four ILOs were approved by a vote of the faculty in 2019 after thorough campus-wide discussion and deliberation.

ILOs enable graduates to:

  1. Communicate effectively
  2. Address complex problems
  3. Collaborate successfully
  4. Demonstrate intercultural competency

Assessment Reporting

Every two years, academics departments submit a report of ongoing assessment work. After review and feedback from IAC, these reports are archived in an format accessible to all members of the K campus community.

Departments can submit their biennial assessment report with this online form.

These reports are typically 3-5 pages in length plus any supporting attachments.

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