About the Institutional Assessment Committee

Formation and Members

The Institutional Assessment Committee (IAC) was formed in 2019,  with representatives from the faculty, Student Life, Provost’s Office and Institutional Research.  We’ve since added representatives from CIP and Admissions. In summer 2021, FEC removed the Faculty Assessment Committee from the list of standing faculty committees after a twenty-year run. That timing is appropriate, given our increasing emphasis on campus-wide assessment through IAC. In addition to unit-level assessment activities coordinated by the Assistant Provost, a major emphasis of the IAC is the K College Assessment Academy project on Institutional Learning Outcomes.

Current Members

Current members of IAC are Rick Barth, Brian Dietz, Jessica Fowle, Danette Ifert Johnson, Lezlie Lull, Sally Read, and Tara Webb

Our students’ learning is the most important thing we do as a College and better understanding the full spectrum of ways our students can achieve our learning goals is crucial to preparing them for life after K.